Ilpra was established in 1955 with the aim of designing and producing reliable, leading-edge packaging machines. In the same year, the first Italian thermosealing machine was built, highlighting the company’s focus on innovation and market orientation. In 1982 che, in keeping with its innovation and development focused mission, Ilpra built and introduced into the market the first modified atmosphere thermosealing traysealer machine, still today a leading product in the packaging market.
The company has seen steady growth from the 1980s: Ongoing investment in research and development, constant emphasis on technological innovation, high quality and reliability of its products, combined with important commercial investments, led to the rapid spread of the Ilpra brand in Europe and subsequently also worldwide.
Today, the Ilpra group encompasses several local branches in the main major world markets and boasts a global network of distributors and service support centres that provide widespread knowledge and expertise in target markets. All this makes Ilpra an undisputed worldwide leader in food, industrial and medical applications packaging sectors.

Ongoing investment in Research & Development have always been the best way for Ilpra to ensure constant focus on customer and market requirements in order to produce high-performance, reliable, bespoke products.
The Research & Development Department constantly strives to anticipate and fulfil the changing demands of the market and to offer cutting-edge machines, so as to provide customers with a wide range of packaging solutions.
Thanks to the innovative technologies it has designed, Ilpra manages to create packaging solutions to suit a variety of sectors: from food to non food in general as welle as the medical and healthcare sector.
 Ilpra’s objective is to ensure unique customer experience by offering high quality packaging machines, while at the same time drastically reducing packaging costs thus improving the customer’s competitiveness on the market. The ongoing innovation and reliability of our packaging solutions are achieved thanks to our experience, know-how, expertise and constant collaboration, both inside the company and with customers who choose our solutions. The added value for customers who choose Ilpra products.

The tens of thousands of machines sold worldwide are the result of the ongoing work carried out over the years by a highly motivated, widespread sales network present all over the world, which is firmly committed to customer satisfaction
Our Area Managers, together with our foreign subsidiaries and global distributor network, allow us to offer dedicated support for any type of request, which is redirected, according to specific requirements, to the appropriate company departments that respond in a timely, efficient and efficacious manner..
The information collected from and exchanged with various markets allows us to improve and enhance our product and market expertise. 
The area sales representatives offer specific advice, closely following and supporting customers and providing personalised assistance in all fields, thus helping them to find the best solution within Ilpra’s wide range of packaging machines and technological applications.
 Our competent customer and market-driven , sales network, is one of the factors that made us become a market leader in the packaging sector.

Our packaging machines have a crucial role in our customers’ manufacturing process.
It is essential to ensure that the machines are kept in good working order, making them reliable and high-performing
Before being sold, every Ilpra packaging machine undergoes strict internal inspection procedures. After it is delivered, the machine is installed by Ilpra’s skilled technicians in order to check that it operates correctly in the appropriate manufacturing area and to train the staff who will use it.
 Therefore, customer support starts from the very moment that a packaging machine is designed, right up to training on packaging technology and guaranteed real-time, ongoing support provided through different channels.
Our worldwide technical support network ensures a broad spectrum of services, ranging from on-line remote to on-site technical assistancepreventative maintenance programs, personalised updating interventions and timely supply of spare parts and consumables, thus assuring that our products offer high performance results. Ilpra offers a highly qualified, efficient service through its technicians, who have acquired their skills and have been trained to our high internal standards, thus meaning that our product always achieves top performances.

62 years in operation
16.000 machines installed
170 workers and employees
13.000 manufacturing area in sqm


Foodpack traysealer machines are Ilpra’s flagship product. They are available in a variety of configurations and the various models are suitable for both craft and large-scale industrial manufacture. In addition to the food sector, Foodpack tray sealer machines are also used in other sectors such as medical, cosmetics, components and more. The types of packaging processes available vary from sealing only to vacuummodified atmosphere or skin packaging, in which the protective film adheres to the product like a second skin.

The innovatively designed Formpack packaging machines, suitable for packaging in medium and high production volumes, can thermoform flexible and rigid materials, including foamed films. All of the models in this series use Ilpra’s Emec® Technology and, besides performing cutting and thermoforming operations, they also allow sealing only, as well as vacuum and modified atmosphere or skin packaging. A Formpack thermoforming machine can be customized to suit customers’ production requirements and can be used in the foodindustrialmedical sectors and other.

The Form Fill Seal ILPRA machine are designed to thermoform, fill and seal different products such as fruit juices, marmalade, water/juice packing in cups/trays, jellies, desserts, sauces, butter, margarine, spread cheese, spread products, dressing, oil for seasoning. This line is the result of ongoing research together with modern projecting plans and marketing research. Following the same construction value as all the other ILPRA lines, the Form Fill Seal machines can be integrated to End-of-line systems.

Ilpra traysealers allow to pack and seal the product in preformed trays (in PS, PP, APET, CPET, Aluminium and Laminated Carton) by sealing, vacuum, in protective atmosphere or skin. Heat-sealed preformed trays are ideal for packaging a wide variety of food, non-food and medical products. The models of the Foodpack line meet both the needs of small and medium productions and high productivity requirements for automatic lines. Depending on the type of traysealer, needs and production volumes required, Ilpra provides the most suitable standard solution or studies and customises an ad hoc solution for the customer.


The Fill Seal line includes a wide range of models: In-Line and Rotary.
Fill Seal In-line are fully automatic in-line fillers/welders able to work on several tracks (min. 2 max. 8/10) depending on the size of the container and the production capacity required.
Fill Seal In-Line models are extremely reliable, precise in dosing, fast in the work cycle and very versatile. They can be completely customized according to the customer’s requests. In addition to the In-Line FS, ILPRA offers a complete range of Rotary Fill Seals. These are filling and welding machines able to satisfy medium and high production capacities and designed to work on rotary tables.

With the Ilpra thermoforming packaging machines, the product packaging is created and formed using a packaging film on which a sealing film is sealed. The packaging with this line of models can also be done in vacuum, in a protective atmosphere or in skin. Ideal for packaging all types of food and non-food products, in particular our thermoforming packaging machines are suitable for packaging medical products such as instruments, devices or injectables. Adapted to the needs of different realities, from the artisan to the industrial production, Ilpra Thermoforming Machines can offer both rigid and flexible packaging according to the forming material used.

Our Form Fill Seals are designed and manufactured for different production needs. These machines can be completely customised in terms of format, dosing systems and cutting configuration, allowing both individual and multipack packaging to be produced.
The main movements are servo-assisted, allowing high precision, reliability, efficiency and high level production performance.

Line of Filling and Sealing Machines. Ideal for different production needs (from small productions to high productions for fully automatic lines), the models of the Ilpra Seal Box line use the same technology and work cycle as the Fill Seal series, but are designed for non-stackable containers. The product is dosed into preformed containers (in plastic, glass and metal) on which a compatible film is welded from a reel. Depending on the type of packaging, needs and production volumes required, Ilpra provides the most suitable standard solution or studies and customises an ad hoc solution for the customer.

Ilpra Bucket Filling Machines have been designed for the packaging of liquid, creamy, dense, granular products and can work in sealing, vacuum and protective atmosphere. This line of machines covers production needs ranging from small productions to the highest quantities and has been designed to be highly customizable thanks to a wide range of accessories such as, for example, unstackers, dispensers and lids. All models are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, are suitable for working in aggressive environments and have been designed for easy and total accessibility.

The automation solutions are able to process, through boxing / casing and palletizing, the most varied types of products in different formats, guaranteeing the customer a single point of contact able to satisfy the packaging needs with a complete and quality solution. Our models are characterized by high working precision, high level components and strong possibility of customization.

ILPRA aims to provide versatile and complete packaging lines. This is possible through the design and use of packaging machinery that can be integrated with our end-of-line equipment. All solutions designed by ILPRA meet the needs of medium/large productions, thanks to a high possibility of customization and high-performance technologies. Our packaging machines range from traysealers, fillers/sealers, thermoformers and form fill sealers. Our technologies have also allowed us to develop the field of palletizing and pick & place packaging, giving even more versatility to our packaging solutions.