The Bulgarian monthly Food Processing Industry magazine is a national edition with a 70-year history of publication. The FPI magazine is published in collaboration with the University of Food Technology and Agricultural Academy. We keep our readers – food professionals in business and science – to be  informed about the development of science, the latest technologies, trends, legislation, food quality and safety, packaging, distribution, trade, EU requirements, consumer health, new products, etc.

The main goal of FPIM is to be a link between science and business, B2B in the food industry and the main source of information and communication forum every day.

We collaborates with all branch professional organizations and federations as well as with high schools and universities specialized in training staff for the needs of the industry. We also provides PR services and promotion campaigns, and organizes a wide variety of seminars and training courses for industry experts  covering topics such as marketing, various professional qualifications etc.

The Food Processing Industry Magazine is distributed only by subscription according with our policy that this is the way in which information will be reached the exactly person and exactly place.

The number of magazine circulation is about 7,200 per month: 1,000 paper issue and about 6,200 in PDF format by internet.