Taropak is the most important business event for the packaging industry. 100 novelties, a substantive program and business talks are the hallmarks of this trade fair.
The thematic scope of the fair is not only packaging, materials, raw materials, labels and logistics but also machines and robots, indispensable in modern industry. We develop packaging topics for e-commerce and packaging as challenges of the future.
The event which brings together several hundred exhibitors each time and takes place in modern pavilions, has been very popular with visitors from its very beginning. The fair provides an opportunity to learn about the latest offerings and observe trends in the packaging industry, both in terms of production, materials used, as well as design or purpose.

Thanks to a wide range of complementary events, the participants have an opportunity to meet for business meetings, as well as take part in conferences, workshops or lectures. The fair is also a venue for presenting packaging awarded in various competitions which promote innovative projects, characterised by their distinguishable design and ingenuity.